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Lady Kenna


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 “I can feel myself changing and not for the better. Every choice I have made to protect France and Scotland, even you, for all of them there is a reckoning. And it’s always the woman who must bow to the Queen. I feel like I’m killing part of myself, that I’m ignoring my heart until it becomes blind and death. I can feel myself growing harder, and I worry that I’m becoming someone you will not love.“

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Lady Lola in every episode

1x02 — Snakes in the Garden


Reign Ladies Appreciation Week

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♔ Snakes in the Garden (1x02)

"You have the word of the King and Queen of France."
"I had their word that we would be married. I’m not sure words mean anything here."


I use to feel so alone here.

Reign Episodes ± “Snakes in the Garden”

I hope to be a good king some day, which is why I’ll never put anything, any love, ahead of the love for my country. 

You’ve done enough. You are enough.